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Tame Impala strikes gold!

Four-piece psychedelic band Tame Impala, has just struck 2010 J Award for Australian Album of the Year.


Born and raised in Perth, band members graciously accepted the impressive Triple J award at Ding Dong Lounge in the city for their debut album Innerspeaker.


The boys have already basked in their successful climb up top 10 charts like Australian Independent Record Labels (AIR) where it rested at number one, and number 10 on the ARIA  Physical Singles Chart.


The album hit stores in May and has already attracted international praise for their loud and out psychedelic beats wrapped in elating poppy melodies.


Inspired by anything from The Beatles to Turkish prog and English folk music, Tame Impala touches the hearts and souls of oodles of fans across Australia and beyond.


Keep reading Beat to find out when Tame Impala’s second album will be released in mid-2011.




Tame Impala release their new single Expectations on radio Monday December 6.