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Strawberry Fields First Announcement

While other festivals in Australia compete for number one status with superstar-powered lineups and all manner of shenanigans, you can trust the Victorian institution Strawberry Fields for a sunsplashed and serene experience, alongside electronic music's finest and most underground talent  from international quarters.

Last year's full lineup was a killer one, featuring everybody from Trus'Me to Moodymann and Mad Professor, and 2012 is again shaping up to be a summer season highlight. Fresh off the announcements come the UK-based Border Community head, musician and tastemaker James Holden, alongside the talents of Ghostly International’s electroacoustic wunderkind Tycho, Warp Records favourite Prefuse 73, Brainfeeder upstart Teebs, alongside an irresistably jam-packed first lineup – Strawberry Fields forever. 

It takes place from Friday November 23 – Sunday November 25, with a venue soon to be announced. Stay tuned to their website for more information.