Tell us a bit about your music and food project Soundfood? Soundfood is where I simultaneously cook food and DJ for people, feeding what I make throughout my set to my audience. It's a multi-course degustation with a soundtrack of funk and tech, designed to appeal to all your senses.
How do sound and food complement each other? There’s something special about food and music that can evoke emotions and memories. We associate both with celebration and good times, but in times of grief they can also provide comfort. They’re both very important components to a healthy and happy life.
What Soundfood dish are you most proud of? Apart from what my mum and my sister taught me, everything I've learned in cooking has come from cookbooks and cooking shows, so I can't claim to have invented any groundbreaking new dishes. However I do a green tea seared tuna dish that’s always really well received.
When was Soundfood born? I was living in a studio apartment in St Kilda back in 2008. I had a bed that folded out of a cupboard and my bedroom was my studio, lounge and kitchen. I'd get home from work and have a mix while I made dinner. The concept developed from there.
What's next? Plenty of household Soundfoods with guest musicians, chefs and artists. I've also got some exciting festival shows coming up such as Happy Daze near the Whitsundays, and The Town here in Victoria. I’ll be taking the experience to NZ and Japan later in the year.

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