Soulara is a fresh food paradise for busy vegans and vegetarians

Nowadays, most people are looking for the most convenient options to get through: whether this is online shopping, faster shipping or takeaway services, the ‘price for convenience’ is ever on the rise. 

Food delivery and meal services are nothing new, however, Yuki Thomas and her team at Soulara are bringing something different to those who are time-poor or work full-time. 

With restaurant delivery services increasing exponentially over the last five years, Thomas decided that she wanted to create a business that would be healthy, yet suitable for those who don’t have time to be organising meal prep or cooking in bulk. Established in 2017, the idea for her plant-based delivery meal services was born. 

So, what is Soulara exactly? Offering a seasonal, locally sourced plant-based menu, users can choose an array of fresh – not frozen – meals to turn up at their doorstep each week.  

The website also features their extensive ‘blacklist’ (as Thomas calls it) that eliminates all the nasties: additives, preservatives and artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners that aren’t present in their meals. The menu changes fortnightly, so you won’t have to subject yourself to eating the same meal every day for a week: some of the feasts on offer include an Emerald Earth Bowl with butternut squash, dijon mustard and artichoke hearts ­– or go for something a bit heartier with the Golden Coconut Dal with lingonberries, coconut cream and turmeric. 

The idea was sparked by Thomas’ own struggle with finding a solution for herself. “I was working a really demanding corporate role at the time, so I started coming up with some recipes and pre-packing them to take to work in bulk,” Thomas says. “I was sitting in my car one day, before a meeting, eating one of my meals when it struck me that everyone should have access to delicious, ethical and natural food.” 

It is not just delivery services that are on the rise – plant-based and vegan diets have also been making headlines in the last six months, and Thomas notes that it is for good reason. “Eating a plant-based diet can be so beneficial for so many different aspects of health and wellbeing. It’s really promising to see Australians increasingly transitioning to a plant-based diet over the last few years. With Soulara, I really aim to not only create nourishing food, but to share this with as many people as I could. Either with people who wanted to nurture their bodies with healthier food, or people who had just started their plant-based journey and are seeking guidance about what to cook.”

Thomas says that the response has been overwhelmingly positive. “I think with the significant rise in diet and lifestyle-related choices, people are becoming more conscious about what they’re eating. With Australia offering some of the best quality produce, it has never been easier to adapt,” she says. “So many people have messaged us to tell us about their personal journeys and how Soulara has made it so much easier for them to get healthier and reach their goals; that is what really makes what we do worthwhile”. 

The team also want to try and break through the social misconceptions about eating a vegan diet, hoping that more of society can try and adopt eating more vegetables within their diet, even if it is a couple of times a week. In the future, Soulara wants to be able to introduce completely biodegradable materials into their packaging, so they can offer the world an eco-friendly solution. “I’m so excited that we are at the forefront of this new change in the industry and making our impact on the world, so that consumers come to expect a high level of standard in the future.” 

What does Thomas say is her favourite meal? The Healing Turmeric Soup – one of the first meals she created for the company – which she says will always remain her firm favourite. 

By Elizabeth Maidment

Find more details on Soulara and sign up to start receiving their meals via their website