What is your show about? Soap is a variety show with acrobatic, musical and comedy acts set in and around bathtubs. It’s a high energy romp through the bathroom and – though it may sound a bit cliché – it really does have something for everyone.
What inspires you about MICF? As a show from Europe, it’s always great to play a festival because you immediately feel connected to other artists, shows and the greater community and city. When you’re touring and playing alone in a city, you can feel a bit like you’re in a bubble. You can easily get trapped into just seeing your castmates, the theatre and maybe some tourist sites. It’s always great to meet and talk to other artists and of course, it’s inspiring to see other great shows.
Describe your show in three words. Wet. Wild. Wow.
Does your show have any audience participation? One lucky audience member may get the chance to jump into the tub with us and get the water flowing at the beginning of the show.
How have the events in your life turned into material? The bathroom is this little private world where people can let down their guard. There’s a vulnerability behind that locked door.  Although the show is not based on any one specific event in any of our lives, I think we can all relate to times when we’ve taken a shower or bath and felt silly or sexy or lonely. We’ve all been excited getting ready for a date or a party or contemplative at the end of a day. This can all be great material for a performer to bring into an act to provide some context and depth.
Venue: The Malthouse – Merlyn Theatre
Dates: Thursday March 30 – Saturday April 22 (bar Mondays)
Duration: 85 minutes
Tickets: $44.50 – $56.50