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!!! Sideshows Announced

Californian psychedelic dance/punksters !!! will bring their high-renergy show to Melbourne in February 2011.


As an amazing crossbreed of indie, electronic dance and punk (with jumping around and sweating to boot), !!! (Chk Chk Chk) will bring their six-piece band for Laneway (you already know that). Their last album Strange Weather, Isn't It? has gone down a treat and is full of party tracks that will surely send any crowd at least a little bit wild.


Recorded in Berlin, it's got an international party flavour, too. After some big lineup changes, !!! have pulled through and will play a sideshow with World's End Press and Supermelody.


The party will happen at The Prince Bandroom on Thursday February 10. Tickets go on sale Thursday October 28 from the venue.