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Seth Troxler

Seth Troxler hates himself. And his biography captures it brilliantly - whether he is DJing in LA, Berlin, or Buenos Aires, his evening usually ends in a corner somewhere, his head in his hands, his hands running through his hair, his eyes staring at the ground and his conceptually-rich mind wondering why all of us, not just those in the world of house and techno, don't see it: his immeasurable skill as a DJ and producer of dance jams that leave people feeling somehow molested.

"I am a beast!" chimes the affable and actually quite likeable Seth Troxler down the line. "Sure I like to party a little bit - it's something I love actually and people like good times that are sexy as hell. Good time jams - I am having a good time dancing - maybe I might get laid at the party! If everyone gets laid at the party I will have done my job. Seth Troxler will play fuck-jam because he wants everyone to get laid!"


Yet none of this miscreant type banter is to detract from his unique take on electronic dance music. Growing up in Michigan, and living halfway between Chicago and Detroit, a young Seth found himself getting into the soulful and melodic elements of everything from Detroit techno to Chicago house. "I actually grew up in the same suburb as Matthew Dear," says Seth. "Basically, I enjoyed music and enjoyed the partying. I got a job in the record store and then met a couple of influential people in my life - guys who put on parties and things. I did all the usual stuff - high school and college and all that - and then out of nowhere, it just became a career. It was more of a hobby and then turned into something I do every weekend."


Which is of course great news for him. And he continues with this, "Then I went to Europe and played there a little bit and really enjoyed it. Right now it's just a pursuit of something that I really enjoy. I like a wide range of music and at home I listen to a lot of indie rock and I like everything from broken beat, to something that is progressive or even harder techno. I never put myself in one place musically; when I DJ I use Serato as it allows me more flexibility and I like to check what the beat is doing to the vibe. It's a thing between the crowd and the DJ. I like contemporary dance music - whether it's house, minimal or even pop it's about having fun."


Finally, Seth tells me of his plans on starting a label. "Actually it will be pretty broad in terms of the range of releases; we're did some releases with Guy Gerber and Tel Aviv. I also did some vocals with Agoria and then the album and a few other things - all are a work in progress. See you on the dance floor in Australia soon!"


Seth Troxler [USA] plays Summadayze alongside Snoop Dogg [USA], Grandmaster Flash [USA] and more on Sunday January 1 at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl.