Serotonin Eatery will cure your hangover like nothing else

Across the way from the Burnley line lives a humble, happy place where friendliness, health, and holistic nourishment are found by those seeking an honest, positive life.

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Kate Shanasy

Serotonin Eatery – whose name captures the essence of pure happiness – offers a retreat-like experience where guests can enjoy a meal on their choice of cushion, tatami booth, a swing – or to my delight – by settling down on a patch of grass across the road.
Serotonin are committed to ensuring you're at your truest self while in their company, serving up a plant-based diet in their mindful home. A sanctuary in every sense, a wave of calm greets its guests, particularly when founder Emily says hello, gracing the coffee machine with placidity and composure. Even their lattes boast high serotonin levels, garnished with infectious smiling faces. It’s impossible not to smile back.
Then there's the food. Their distinctly beautiful dishes marry exquisite flavours with the highest health properties. For example, their positive pancakes – which are banana pancakes made from dehydrating organic bananas that are then ground into banana flour, and served with house made banana ice cream, fruit and nuts. Or, their Pandan crepe inspired by Serotonin's Thai chef Vicky, being a freshly juiced panda leaf crepe filled with banana and sticky rice before being topped with berries, yogurt and bee pollen. There’s also the smiling smashed avo, composed of a generous stack of avocado with smashed peas and mint, feta (or almond feta for a vegan option) and served on house-made beetroot relish and house-made loaf.
Homemade flavours are certainly a prominent theme throughout the menu, as everything is created in-house, with each dish promoting produce in its purest state. Whether it’s to enjoy a smile from your latte each morning, feasting while feeling optimal health, or simply finding a place to enjoy a peaceful afternoon – Serotonin is sure to bring you where you need to be.

Check out Serotonin Eatery at 52 Madden Grove, Burnley.