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Sampology Tours New Single

Not just any ordinary turntablist, but a DJ that deftly merges the visual spectacle of dance music with the aural side of things, Sampology has just announced a return to Australian shores with a run of dates to celebrate the forthcoming release of new single Hell on Wheels.

Since the early days of working hard to get his name heard, playing festival such as Big Day Out at seventeen, he might not have been old enough to legally party with those present, but he sure knew how to make a dancefloor rock. Not to mention the Super Visual show he’s got going on, which sees him deftly manipulating video via two turntables using a Rane mixer and Serato, as well as live-triggering custom animations via his drum machine. The result? Think film and TV shows, filmclips, YouTube clips and vintage VHS finds all mashed up into one glorious visual adventure – and no hallucinogenic substances required! 

We can’t wait to check out what he’s got lined up for us – catch Sampology at Federation Square on Thursday December 15.