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Review: Coffee & Cake @ Santucci's

Abruzzo is a small village located in eastern Italy and it can also be found in Koornang Rd Carnergie. Rita and Franca Santucci have managed to wedge the flavours, sounds and surroundings of their home town into a delightfully pokey, family run cafe. Decorated in a homely, ordered-ramshackle fashion, Santucci's has a unique atmosphere that stays true to it's family's origins. The intricate mosaics were completed by Rita while her sister lays claim to the elaborate blue washed walls. Adorning these are patches of framed artworks and photos as well as book shelves containing ancient coffee peculators and shoe lasts amongst other bibs and bobs.

Staying true to its authentic roots, the food at Santucci's oozes homemade Italian charm. The Chocolate Mascaponi torte and Strawberry Vanilla Torte tested are another of Franca's handiwork and do not disappoint. In contrast to the sugary sweet deep fried goods you might find in a donut store, these tasty treats feel somehow wholesome – no mean feat especially for something containing both chocolate and cheese.


Yet the full Italian experience would not be complete without a compelling cup of coffee and the friendly kitchen staff deliver a brew that even Nonno Giovanni Santucci must be proud of. My latte arrived with glorious bulb like coffee art (some see love hearts I see onions) and its taste matched the enticing aroma. Now I'm normally a bit of a pansy and like a good teaspoon of sugar with my coffee, but this cup required no such sweetening. I would like to meet a coffee aficionado who doesn't enjoy the coffee here, provided by Gravity Espresso, then flick them in the ear and tell them to get their act together.


Complete with fresh flowers and the heady sounds of a double bass drifting through the patrons, Santucci's is an authentic experience that should be had by all.

Santucci’s is located at 94 Koornang Rd, Carnergie, and is open 7:30am ‘til 4pm, seven days a week. Phone them on 9568 2900. There’s another Santucci’s also located at 1392 Toorak Rd, Camberwell.