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Rennie Pilgrem Tours Australia

Over the years Rennie Pilgrem has been the heart that keeps the breakbeat scene beating. 

Establishing TCR in '93 was another one of the man's bigger achievements, acknowledged as a pioneer in the nu-skool breaks scene and home to a roster of artists including heavyweights B.L.I.M., Koma&Bones, Chris Carter, as well as Pilgrem himself. As for his own production career, best to check out the recently-released best-of compilation - an anthology of some of his best work and some genuine classics from the breakbeat scene. Spanning two decades, it includes collaborations with Uberzone, Arthur Baker, BLIM, MC Chickaboo and Sarah Whittaker-Gilby from Mara. Yet these days you'll find he's more fascinated with the emergence of future jungle - bridging the gap between his original love for jungle and breaks with the slowed-down tempo of dubstep and garage, bridging the gaps between the disparate genres and creating something entirely new and original, with the spirit of rave still very much alive within it. 

A daring and visionary producer and DJ, we advise you catch Pilgrem on this tour, 'cause we're hearing whipsers this may be his last Australian trip - he plays the Royal Melbourne Hotel on Friday July 20.