Red Spice Road are cooking up your faves at the Night Noodle Markets

After three years of setting aside time to grow their Asian dining empire, Red Spice Road have returned to the Melbourne Night Noodle Markets with a classic yet eclectic menu that pays homage to the traditional experience of travelling through Asia.

Every year Melbourne comes alight with the smells, sights and sounds of the Night Market, featuring a vibrant showcase of Asian food stalls with menus crafted from some of Australia’s most talented chefs and restaurant owners.

Amongst the busy hands who work tirelessly to bring the festival to life every year is Christian Price, General Manager of Red Spice Road and Asian Brands, who is one of the masterminds behind curating the Red Spice Road market menu.

“The markets are so important because you get a true indication of what people want,” Price said.

With Red Spice Road well acquainted with the Melbourne food calendar, the restaurant franchise has been continuously involved with events like The Age Good Food Month, Melbourne Food & Wine Festival as well as the Bank Of Melbourne’s World Longest Lunch.

“[Melbourne] is so diverse in people and culture, and they offer real-time feedback as they interact with the menu and enjoy the food,” he explains.

Red Spice Road’s mission focuses on delivering Asian flavours using local, fresh produce to the hustle and bustle of the night markets. With vegan and halal options available, people from all walks of life have the ability to come together to eat, drink and enjoy the live entertainment on offer.

“Our pork belly is a signature dish; it’s well known, and the recipe hasn’t been touched since we opened 11 years ago,” Price says.

“People line up just for our pork belly and come back for seconds, you could say it is a foundation of Red Spice Road. Though I think this year we have some new contenders to the menu that will give our pork a run for its money.”

Alongside the five-spice pork belly with chilli caramel sauce and herb salad, there’s also a Chiang Mai chicken noodle curry; a fragrant and flavoursome solution for the unpredictable Melbourne weather.

Theres also a Korean pork corn dog, served with ssamjang mayo and apple kimchi; a unique combination of market-style street food and an authentic Red Spice Road dish you’d explore during one of their ala carte, lunch or dinner sessions. 

Above all, Price believes the Night Noodle Market remains an integral part of the food experience in Melbourne as it gives food fanatics an authentic opportunity to try cuisines from all around Asia under the one roof, or one market stall.

“People don’t want just once cuisine, they want to try all different types of flavours,” Price says.

“That’s why our menu has Vietnamese, Chinese and Thai influences; you have a showcase that resembles the journey of basically travelling through Asia. You order lots of dishes, nibble on everything and make a few friends along the way.”

This concept of communal dining under the stars resembles the culture of night markets all over Asia, which many consider a key part of Asian culture and a must-do activity when travelling to Asian countries.

“People attending the festival aren’t the only people sharing, so do the stalls. This year we are lucky enough to be next to Diana Chan’s Golden Wok, run by Diana from Masterchef, Price explains. “We are constantly sharing meals and ideas amongst ourselves and with other stalls; that’s what this whole exciting experience is about.”

Alongside Red Spice Road’s exciting Night Noodle Market, you can find many of these dishes at the Red Spice Road McKillop Street restaurant, which has now been serving Asian fusion food over 10 years, as well as Red Spice QV and Burma Lane on Little Collins Street.

Red Spice Road are serving up as part of Melbourne’s Night Noodle Markets from now until November 25. Head to the Red Spice Road website for more information.