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Rainbow Serpent's Final Acts Land

Less than two weeks to go until the magic that is Rainbow Serpent Festival is unleashed across the Australia Day weekend – who’s excited?

And with a lineup that already boasts the likes of Henry Saiz, Ott, and Ill.Gates among others, we were pretty damn excited to check it out. The hardworking crew behind the annual festivities are still busy adding the final touches to what promises to be one of the most incredible weekends in the year, with the final run of acts just announced, including Swedish master of techno, acid breaks and everything-in-between Petter and Kanye West’s violinist Laura Escudé, taking a break from his hectic touring schedule to play a magical set, showing off her talents as an acclaimed violinist, composer, sound designer and music technologist.

This is going to one magical weekend – Rainbow Serpent takes place from Friday January 27 at Beaufort.