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Damien Zuccarini Joined: 25th February 2011
Last seen: 17th August 2011

Q&A: Travis Grech

What brands are you behind and what year did they launch?

Liv Fridays at CQ (2011), Armada Night (2011), F#*K the Love (2008 – 2010), Airport (2009), Daydream Music Festival (2009) and tyDi bookings for Australia and NZ.


How'd you get into it?

Like everything I just kind of fell into the scene, and love doing what I am doing.

Who are your resident DJs and/or favourite touring talents?

My favourite resident DJ at CQ would have to be Danny Merx.

Who’s your crowd and what makes your parties great?

We have a huge crossover in all nationalities. Everyone is always welcome at any of our parties.

What's been the most epic party you've thrown and why?

Armada 2012 – The end of the night the back green room with four internationals got wild ­– lucky it was all closed doors. And Showtek Sydney, 2012, was a 5,500 people sold out event at Horden Pavilion, without a doubt the biggest highlight.

What's the worst/craziest thing that's happened at one of your parties?

As always too much alcohol, too much. Too many girls for an artist to handle, and every now and then someone’s pants always end up coming down – more than ever Trent McDermott’s.

Shameless self-promotion opportunity – what, when, where for your next party?

Liv Fridays at CQ every Friday night, as well as Pharmacy in October 2012 and Armada Night in 2013.