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Q&A: Spiro Boursine

What brands are you behind and what year did they launch?

Earthcore (1993), Technofest (1994), Hydra (1996), Bliss (1999), Traincore (2000), Freebase (1997), various tours from 1991 – present, as well as Solar Empire (2011 – present), Winter Beats Soundsystem (2011), Yellow Sunshine Festival (2011) and Meanwhile Back at the Disco (2012 – present).


How'd you get into it?

I fell into it via a university subject aimed at redeveloping a new product or service in a Bachelor of Business (Marketing).


Who are your resident DJs and/or favourite touring talents?

I have various resident DJs, and my favourite touring artists are Aphex Twin and Angy Kore.  


Who’s your crowd and what makes your parties great?

The crowd is generally up for it geezers and geezettes from across Australia. Our parties rock to due to the high level of production.


What's been the most epic party you've thrown and why?

Earthcore Millenium 2000 was a seven day festival with 12 stages and 25,000 people on the banks of Lake Eildon.


What's the worst/craziest thing that's happened at one of your parties?

A bush fire at Earthcore in 2005. There were 15,000 people and a potential for complete disaster, saved by people power fighting the blaze and winning. The party continued quite nicely after that.


Shameless self-promotion opportunity – what, when, where for your next party? Meanwhile Back at Disco on the top floor of Eureka Tower on Saturday August 18. Check solar-empire.com.au for more details. It’s sold out however, so perhaps stay tuned for the next instalment of insanity!