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Q&A: Jim Moynihan aka Spoonbill

What brands are you behind and what year did they launch? I started Omelette Records in 2004 as an avenue to release the music I craft under the moniker Spoonbill. Since its conception, Omelette has expanded into a collective label focused on releasing quality left-field electronica and producing events for its artists and others.


How'd you get into it? VJ Dropbear and I started playing regularly as a live AV duo  starting back in 2001. As time progressed rather than relying on promoters to build the sort of vibe we were after, we started booking venues and tours ourselves so we could craft an event to our style, involving large format synchronised visuals, stage shows and puppetry. This has evolved over the years to larger venues and showcasing artists of a similar style.


Who are your resident DJ’s and/or favourite touring talents? Being a collective based record label, we often showcase our roster of artists including Spoonbill, Tipper, Editor, The Mollusk, Monkeymarc and Circuit Bent. We also showcase and collaborate with like-minded artists such as Dub FX and Opiuo.


Who’s your crowd and what makes your parties great? Our crowd are punters that enjoy leftfield electronica with groove. Ages range from 18 - 40s. Our parties have a really festive vibe and the crowds are often alternative and happy go lucky types. Venues are regularly surprised that our crowd is quite thirsty but doesn’t cause the security any hassles.


What's been the most epic party you've thrown and why? I would have to say the event Mammoth. As it was a quadruple album launch party, featuring album launches by Spoonbill, Opiuo, Editor and Niceface. It was a sold-out show at The Hi-Fi bar and was jammed full of solid tunes and an excellent festive atmosphere.


What's the worst/craziest thing that's happened at one of your parties? No serious problems to date (touch wood), only loads of positively charged craziness is prevalent at most Omelette nights. One such wild spectacle was the debut showcase of Niceface with their demented stage antics and outrageous comedic tunes.


Shameless self-promotion opportunity – what, when, where for your next party? Omelette is partnering with Symbiosis Festival and Earth Frequency crews to produce the broken beat stage at the Solar Eclipse festival happening in Far North Queensland from November 10 - 16 this year. It's going to be an amazing spectacle!