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Q&A: Damion De Silva

What brands are you behind and what year did they launch? Restless Entertainment (2000), Rhythm-al-ism at Fusion (2000), Faktory Fridays at Khokolat Bar (2010), Khokolat Koated Saturdays at Khokolat Bar (2004) and Be. Sundays at Co. (2010).


How'd you get into it? I started to DJ in my teens as part of my musical passion. Along the way I was approached by venue owners to run my own nights. I then started to do both, and over time I realised I had more of a drive doing the job as a whole, rather than just Djing. From then, Restless Entertainment was created, and has been going strong ever since.


Who are your resident DJs and/or favourite touring talents? Our current resident DJs are A-Style, K Dee, Simon Sez, Ken Walker, FMR, Durmy, Yaths, Dozza, Lightning, Jay J, Barry White, Jay Sin and Myself.


Who’s your crowd and what makes your parties great? Our crowd is very mixed. We get anyone and everyone from all walks of life. Our DJs are always offering new and old skool R&B and commercial music to cater for everyone. We strive to make every night a memorable one.


What's been the most epic party you've thrown and why? The Detention Centre at Billboard. A night based on a police theme that went for over two years! We had massive events and have a lot of good memories.


What's the worst/craziest thing that's happened at one of your parties? The DMX concert in 2006. There was a massive turn out, but a lot of crazy people, and a lot of drama. The riot police were called to help the crowd leave safely.


Shameless self-promotion opportunity – what, when, where for your next party? We run four weekly nights, Rhythm-al-ism at Fusion every Thursday night, Faktory Fridays at Khokolat Bar every Friday night, Khokolat Koated Saturdays at Khokolat Bar every Saturday night and Be. Sundays at Co. every Sunday night. Visit our website for all upcoming events, restless.com.au, doing what we do best, each and every week.