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Publicist At The Espy

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Beat HQ Joined: 9th December 2010
Last seen: 5th June 2012


Working for one Melbourne's iconic music venues your role will be to promote The Esplanade Hotel and our campaigns through strategically targeted media activities.

Reporting to our Owners & Venue Management the primary duties and responsibilities are to:


• Conceptualize, develop and implement media events for key venue promotions and campaigns.

• Identify and solicit appropriate support.

• Act as point-of-contact with acts, the venue and media.

• Conceptualize and develop promotional materials and campaigns around specific events.

• Manage and maintain all social networking sites and website content

• Identify markets for and place advertisments and promotional activities.

• Identify opportunities for media coverage.

• Maintain positive relationships with representatives of the media.

• Interface with staff, outside consultants, acts and promoters in a supportive and professional manner.

• Assist with preparation of promotional materials, news releases and press kits.

• Keep up-to-date with current media trends.

• Keep up-to-date on The Espy’s events past present and future and our ongoing campaigns and strategies.


As our valued Publicist, the following skills and background required for success are:


• Broad understanding of marketing and development strategies and techniques.

• Press relations, journalism or media related experience.

• B.A. degree in communications related discipline a plus.

• Professional presentation skills and demeanor.

• Ability to manage a number of projects simultaneously and prioritize tasks.

• Excellent public speaking skills.

• Advanced computer knowledge and skills.

• Team player.

• Current book of media contacts.

• Proven track record of seeing projects through to completion with little or no supervision.

• Commitment to our venue and philosophy.


This is a full time position.

Email leanne@espy.com.au to apply.