PSA: Pizza Hut dine-in restaurants are making a comeback

Pizza Hut is making a bonafide comeback, tossing around the idea of bringing back their dine-in stores - and yes - it looks like the all-you-can-eat pizza blowouts of your childhood may be coming back too. 

Pizza Hut is opening its first rebranded store in Sydney this Thursday as the cheesy empire looks towards the future in an attempt to claw back customers - returning to their reign of glory in the '80s and '90s.


"It’s all on the table at the moment,” said Pizza Hut's new chief executive Lisa Ransom to news.com.au. “There’s a great deal of heritage in the brand and we are looking at ways to do things differently. We get a lot of demand for dine-in restaurants and we’ll absolutely be looking at those opportunities moving forward.” 


“They’re looking for us to do some different things and bring back some of the things that they love about the brand,” said Ransom. 


If they're looking to bring back what people love, hopefully that means bringing back the endless supply of bacon bits, never-ending soft serves and more pizza than you could ever deal with. Lord knows we'd be having our birthday parties there once more. 


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