PSA: East Brunswick Hotel has a one-pound meatball

Holy meatballs. 

After sitting stagnant for a while, the East Brunswick Hotel has re-opened under new management. The new owners, the Didier family, renovated the nearly 150-year old venue and brought it back to life at the tail end of last year. Using the bones of the historic building, they brought forth a modern spin on the classic space.

Formerly known as East Brunswick Club, the iconic pub has served as a live music institution for decades and can finally return to its former glory — sans sticky carpet. But that's not all the new and improved East Brunswick Hotel has to offer. The menu boasts its own star power, with a mix of pub-fare staples and gourmet dishes — though none come close to the notorious one-pound meatball. 

If you're strictly a metric system person, that's 450g. One single meatball weighing almost half a kilo. It comes served on a bed of silky mashed potatoes and crisp peas and you may as well forget every other meatball you've ever encountered because this is the only one that matters. Size isn't everything, but in the case of a delicious sphere of meat and herbs that is almost as big as your head, it certainly plays a part.

An adaption of a family recipe from the Didiers, the meatball is a mouth-watering take on a classic dish. It's perfect for sharing, though you'll probably find yourself slapping away hands after your first bite. Whether you're a foodie looking to munch on something different or your tastes are accustomed to a home-cooked style, this is the meal for you. 

Find East Brunswick Hotel at 228 Lygon Street, East Brunswick.