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Melbourne's nightlife is world class. Sure - it may not be associated with iconic clubbing institutions like Fabric or Berghain, but the level of opulence found on offer within this city when the sun sets is second to none. 

At the core of this, behind the scenes of every great party, are a number of vested and passionate home-grown promoters. These are the guys working tirelessly formulating party ideas, signing DJs, marketing, promoting and going on a great financial limb to bring you your best nights out. We feels that in the euphoria of the clubbing experience these promoters are often overlooked, and it's time to go behind the DJ booth and find out what running a great club night in Melbourne is all about. Click on to read more about the guys throwing the best parties in Melbourne.


Darius Bassiray | David Barrett | Jerry Poon aka JPS | Kevin Karlberg | Tom Moore & Nick Murray aka Otologic | Matt Radovich | Graeme Orr | Daniel Banko | Tey Evans | John Sharp aka Sharpy and Fluidlife | Jim Moynihan | Too Much! | MJ | Damion De Silva | Fern Greig-Moore | Michael Muska | Eden Krumins aka Cubist aka Dr. NO | Travis Grech | Nicholas Greco | Spiro Boursine | Ben Evans | Brendan Soul-T | Broken Beat Assault | Craig Jon & Danny Gilligan 

Know someone who runs a killer party? Think you've got what it takes to keep Melbourne up dancing all night? We want to hear from you. Shoot feedback, suggestions, thoughts, hate mail and whoever you think deserves to be recognised in Melbourne's clubbing scene through to us!