Pleasure Garden's menu will keep you dancing all day long

A delight for the senses, and a treat for the soul, The Pleasure Garden is a place where imagination and magic coalesce into sensory wonder. Alongside an impressive musical lineup, roving theatrical performers, themed stages and an all-round dress-up kind of atmosphere (including prizes, so break out your best bird of paradise outfit), a range of gastronomical delights are also on offer. Surrender your taste buds to the deliciousness of ChillBro Paletas and Sweet Mistake, while Sparrow's Philly Cheese Steaks, Owen’s Ovens, Vegelicious, Nuoc Mama’s, The Shrimp Pimp, Tish Faco, Kombi Burger, Rice and Dice, Thai Pop, The Art Of Fried Chicken, Meat Me Here will take over meal duty.  Boutique cocktails along with Kombucha connoisseurs The Good Brew Company will provide their eco-friendly and delicious beverages all day and night. Make no mistake, this isn’t your average music festival fare. Here are just few of my top picks for this year.
Rice and Dice are strong believers of locally sourced, fresh street food. Primarily catering for the vegetarian/vegan market as well as those with food intolerances, their offerings range from fresh Asian dishes to please the simplest palette, right through to those who like their food with a little more bang.
Franklins attracts a market of youth and excitement to each experience; an exciting brand focusing on providing quality American street-food from products sourced from local purveyors with only the best ingredients. Expect delicious meats, vegetables and in-house condiments.
Thomas Wiedermann is the (Ger)man behind Kombi Burger who first had the idea of building a food truck more than six years ago – way before the trend had reached Melbourne. A popular item and a favourite among vegetarians is The Magic Bus, a delicious mushroom burger – which might be recognised by those who attended Pleasure Garden last year. In the last few months Wiedermann and his team have been working on a new recipe, namely the Berliner-style vegan kebab. This recipe uses seitan instead of meat, although no one would ever know with the texture and flavours replicating meat in the most impressive way. It comes in a Turkish bun with lettuce, tomato, onion and a vegan garlic mayonnaise which they do themselves. Vegans, we’ve got you covered.