Only one in three Australians have done a Tim Tam Slam

This madness must end.

Image source: 
Bilby via Wikimedia Commons

New research released from Arnott's has found 90 percent of Aussies consume the classic Tim Tam on the regular. However, only 50 percent are familiar with the iconic ritual of the Tim Tam Slam. Moreover, only around one third have partaken in the activity. This is, frankly, unacceptable.

For the less cultured among us, the Tim Tam Slam is a culinary process by which the consumer bites off the diagonally opposite corners of the Tim Tam of their choice, dunks one corner into a beverage and drinks the beverage through the chocolate biccie like a straw. The research reveals most people choose between hot chocolate or coffee to drink through the Tim Tam.

The research also highlights how the Tim Tam Slam is a must-do activity for visitors travelling from overseas. One international visitor who did this recently was Matilda's Mara Wilson. There was no clear outcome on whether Wilson enjoyed the Slam, but why wouldn't she?

In light of this new research, it is clear the Tim Tam Slam must be cemented in the minds of all Australians, young and old. This has been a public service announcement.

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