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Nick Curly's Album Tour Hits Australia

The relentless Nick Curly had a year that barely afforded him the chance to breathe in 2011 – quite fittingly, beginning in Sydney on New Year’s Day with an adoring crowd at Space Festival. 

In between, he managed to produce and release Cocoon’s highest-selling 12” of 2011, held down a residency at Space Ibiza, continuing to break new ground in electronic music with Kehakuma, and found his way into the highest reaches of Resident Advisor’s annual DJ poll. A distinctive voice in Germany’s thriving house music scene, Nick Curly’s debut album Between the Lines is set for release in March – a singular release that promises to show off the more subtle, contemplative side of his musical palette. Lucky enough to be afforded one of the first dates on his album launch tour, we recommend you catch a glimpse of Nick Curly's stunning output before everybody else is clamouring for his attentions. 

Nick Curly plays Revolver on Sunday March 25.