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Nic Fanciulli Announces Balance 021 Tour

Last's month's entry into the esteemed Balance mix series came courtesy of Nic Fanciulli, and in traditional Fanciulli style - it was a work of genius, managing to perfectly tread the line between timeless and trendy. 

It's a perfect entry point into the UK-based DJ's history within the electronic music scene, extending over fifteen years and countless successful mixes and records. As head of longstanding imprint Saved Records, he's been responsible for some of the finest sounds in international, underground house and techno - kickstarting the careers of many an upcoming artist as well as releasing enduring singles from other mainstays in the scene. As a producer, his back catalogue also extends to previous work with the likes of Underworld, UNKLE and our very own Kylie. 

The Balance 021 tour lands soon - Nic Fanciulli plats New Guernica on Friday July 13.