New Cuban Venue In Fitzroy

From the Thank You, Come Again group that brought you Lily Blacks, Mr Wow's Emporium, Double Happiness and New Gold Mountain, comes Cuban-culture bar Los Barbudos.

Los Barbudos embraces the music, food and drink that defines the effervescent sundrenched culture of Cuba. In English the name translates to ‘The Bearded Ones’ and is a direct reference to the (bearded) men that liberated Cuba such as Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. The music played at the venue is Cuban ‘son’ which is a style of music similar to but far more subtle of than mariachi and the perfect soundtrack to a catch-up with friends. Imagine Los Barbudos as Melbourne’s own Buena Vista Social Club.

Located at 96 Smith St. Fitzroy Los Barbudos have their grand opening tonight.