Mukka is doing Indian cuisine the right way

From a modest Vic Market food stall to a cultural pillar of Fitzroy, Indian hot spot Mukka has undergone a rapid transformation since its genesis at the beginning of 2016.

Though initially their focus was primarily North Indian – traditional biriyanis, curries and street food which never missed the mark – success has paved the way for exploration, with the appointment of a new chef from Southern India helping diversify what’s on offer, including the addition of a lunch menu.

The lunch menu is currently focused on thali – a platter comprised of several smaller dishes of breads, daals and curries. Aside from the thali, the lunch menu sports four dosa selections with four plate options and three biryanis. From the classic dosa to the chicken and smoky eggplant alternatives, immersing yourself in this flavoursome street resident will take you all the way to the thoroughfares of South India.

The banana leaf fish fry is a standout of the lunch menu. The desiccated coconut appending the marinated fish is a perfect combination, while the vegetable biriyani’s soya wadi is laced with delightful Indian spices making for one of the most aromatic items on the menu.

Mukka also dishes up a logically concise number of dinner options. The bhel puri, gobi 65 and slow cooked goat curry are the ones to look out for.

The drinks list begs to be explored, as Mukka’s cocktail menu is just as fantastic. The bloody maharani is the perfect beverage to compliment your lunch while the maharaja whisky sour is a product of the restaurant’s bravery – delving deep into the Himalayas to exhume the Amrut single malt delicacy.

Try Mukka on 365 Brunswick St, Fitzroy.