Much-loved Indian restaurant Mukka is streets ahead of the competition

They've become a household name in the process.

Mukka – the north’s most loved Indian restaurant – celebrates three years of triumph this week, and they’re going all out to commemorate the occasion. If you haven’t heard of Mukka before this column, it’s that very colourful Indian eatery on Brunswick Street flooding with decorations and smiling faces. It almost looks like every single day they’re hosting a gigantic party, and everybody wants to be a part of it. And so we should, their food is fascinating and the comfort they create on all who walk in is captivating. It’s the warmest party I’ve ever been a part of.
I’m going to run through exactly what I order at Mukka each time I visit. Truth be told, there is far too much excellence going on at this restaurant to fit into one column, so highlights work best. Ordering a Dosa is key, AKA a famously delicious Indian pancake. It’s also brilliant watching them being made too; thin batter spreads like artwork across a hotplate, before it's filled with curry and folded together. The classic uses a medley of Indian curries, dahl and coconut chutney. It’s their simplest option but needs no more. In saying this, I recommend opting for the vegetarian option at times, including the smoky eggplant and pea dosa. The smoke lifts the dish entirely.
On the curry side, I adore their palak paneer/tofu spinach curry with a side of pea palate rice (that works with peas, onions and spices) and garlic naan bread. Other stand-out dishes are the aloo baingan: eggplant and tomatoes cooked together with warm spices (like cumin and chilli). It goes without saying that Mukka is a brilliant restaurant for vegetarians and vegans, so much so that I often find myself ordering entirely vegetarian without realising. The flavours stand so tall on their own that meat isn't necessary.
Food aside, they host plenty of fun events to accompany their vibrant feel. Flying kites in the Edinburgh Gardens is just one and is now very popular in Melbourne. Mukka invite their guest to not only fly kites, but also play carom board whilst eating gulab jamuns (Indian sweets) and sipping on chai tea. This event occurs on various Sundays throughout the year, so check their website for updates.
Head down to Mukka next stomach grumble and get lost in their upbeat hospitality, enjoy a spicy curry, a light dosa pancake filled with wonder, and I’m yet to even mention their drink offerings which sprawl far and wide. I’ll leave this for each person to experience, but I will hint towards an Indian Bloody Mary, AKA Bloody Maharani. That said, cheers to three years of Mukka.

Find Mukka at 365 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy.