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From Mount Kimbie with love

Mount Kimbie’s debut album Crooks and Lovers has rocked the realm of electronic music with its post-dub-step innovative tracks laced with stripped back, organic sounds.
The duo has already wowed listeners with their 2 EP releases over the last two years, Sketch on Glass and Maybes.
Mixing dubstep with hip-hop, techno and jazzy ambient beats along with post-rock, UK garage and film grabs, we can be sure to expect an eye-opening performance.
“The album glows with a personality that elevates it over its peers,” said UK paper, The Sun.
Mount Kimbie play tour Oz on the following dates:
Roxanne Parlour in Melbourne on Saturday March 5 2011.
Goodgod Small club in Sydney on Wednesday 9 March.
Barsoma in Brisbane on Friday March 11.
Meredith at Golden Plains Festival on March 12-14.