Moo Brew have released a range of tinnies, just in time for Dark MoFo

While Moo Brew is traditionally known for their range of delicious craft froths in bottled form, they're now branching out into a full range of tinnies - and we couldn't be more psyched. 

Their first venture into cans came in 2015 will their Single Hop variety, but now their expanding their lineup of tins to include a more widespread selection. 
The official launch of the new range will be at this year's Dark Mofo, with the new tinnies available at all festival bars before starting to spread nationally. 
You'll be able to get your lips around the Moo American style Pale Ale, their Pilsner and the Hefeweizen, marking the first time an Australian brewed Hef has found its way into a can. There's also rumours of a Dark Ale in a can rearing its head during the midst of winter, so keep your eyes peeled for that too. 

Try it first at Dark Mofo, Tasmania from June 8 - June 21.