Michael Chamberlin : Life In Moderation

What do you love about the Melbourne performing arts community? They smell great.
What's a fun fact about the show? Everybody who attends shall be given a brand new Porsche 718. Manual power 220 kW at 6.500.(I don’t know what that means). Top speed: 275km (that seems unnecessary). Wheelbase: 2.475mm (Is that good or bad?). Anyway, if you come along, it’s yours.
Does your show have any audience participation? No. I’ve just come from a gig and it got a tad nervy. I showed up late, the comic before me made reference to a bloke in the crowd as ‘that guy’. Everybody laughed. I came on and made the same reference. Everybody laughed except ‘that guy’. I have no idea what I said that made him tell me from the crowd in a threatening manner that “we might have a problem”.
How have the events in your life turned into material? I have a tale about trying to break up a fight. Have some stuff about Dalai Lama (I dare you to sue, Dalai Lama. I dare you). Have some stuff about this horrid internet culture we currently live in.
Who are you looking forward to seeing this year at the festival? Heaps of people at my show called Life In Moderation at the Imperial Hotel, just opposite Parliament House. It’s a lovely place. Has a nice beer garden.
Venue: Imperial Hotel
Dates: Monday April 10 – Sunday April 23
Duration: 55 minutes
Tickets: $20