MICF Menu: Friday April 21

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival is back and Beat Magazine is proud to present MICF Menu – your inside track to all the delectable treats of this year’s festival season. Hope you’ve left some room since last festival, because this year’s program serves up a veritable smorgasbord of shows. I’m Nick Mason and I’ll be previewing each day of the festival before it happens, from recommendations to one-off events and even special offers.

In this final edition of MICF Menu for 2017, I’ll be reviewing my personal picks and listing the award-nominees to help you have the most wonderful weekend at the festival possible. Everything wraps up April 23 and most of these shows have been selling out fast.
Over the past few weeks, I’ve offered up daily recommendations of shows and special events for you to check out at your leisure. All the while, I’ve been seeing shows myself. Seeing as we’re on the eve of the final weekend of the festival and it’s your last chance to get out there and enjoy some live comedy, here are my personal favourites - the ten shows I’ve enjoyed the most and ones that are still playing, so you can see them for yourself.
Aunty Donna - Big Boys
Daniel Sloss - So?
David O’Doherty - Big Time
Deanne Smith - Post-Joke Era
Josie Long - Something Better
Rhys Nicholson - I’m Fine
Sam Simmons - A-K
Steen Raskopoulos - The Coolest Kid in Competitive Chess
The Bear Pack
Tom Walker - Bee Boo
The Barry Award recognises the most outstanding Festival show. So yeah, this is the big one. Here’s the list of this year’s nominees...
Richard Gadd - Monkey See Monkey Do
Damien Power - Utopia: Now in 3D!
Anne Edmonds - No Offence, None Taken
Tom Walker - Bee Boo
Sammy J - Hero Complex
Hannah Gadsby - Nanette
The Golden Gibbo Award was created in memory of the late, great Lynda Gibson, and is given to a local, independent show that defies trends and pursues the artist's idea more strongly than it pursues any commercial lure. Here’s the list of this year’s Golden Gibbo nominees...
A Visit With Nan In A Caravan
Clara Cupcakes - The Worst
Michelle Brasier & Laura Frew - Double Denim
Rama Nicholas - The Lucky Ones
Fran Middleton - Ceiling Fran
Game Boys - Clash Battle Warlords Age of Candy Robots Royal Strike Kingdom Mobile Legends Saga
The clue’s in the title with this one - the award goes to the best first-timer at the Festival. This years nominees are...
Angus Gordon - Sad Boy Comedy Hour
Aaron Chen - The Infinite Faces of Chenny Baby
Fringe Wives Club Glittery - Clittery: A ConSENSUAL Party
The Travelling Sisters
Sam Taunton Taunts Down For What