Melbourne's Best Meat: JD’s Burgers

When was JD’s Burgers born? Daniel came back from three years of travel in Asia and thought, ‘Why the hell aren’t there any awesome burger joints in Melbourne?’ Months later, JD’s Burgers became a reality, landing in the top five burgers in 2014 to 2017 consecutively by The Urban List, The World Loves Melbourne, Burgers of Melbourne, and other media and food guides.
Mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard or all? Neither. Secret fusion sauces are used at JD’s. Born through three years of research and development, our MSA-grade pure Angus beef and JD’s secret fusion sauces make JD’s unique, with an explosion of flavour in your mouth.
What’s a JD’s Burgers moment you will always cherish? When the Herald Sun featured JD’s 1.5kg legendary Super Saiyan Burger Challenge. Seeing my burger featured in an Australia newspaper got me so stoked after so much passion and sweat was poured into the making of JD’s.
How do you tackle the challenge of competing in a food hub like Melbourne? In order to strive in a competitive market, you need a unique selling point. At JD’s we market as Asian fusion burgers and secret fusion sauces. We have our very own niche sub-culture.
Where do you source your meat from? JDs Burgers only sources from the best of the best suppliers after going through countless trials.We have an exclusive supplier customise our patties, which are double grind, MSA-graded single-grind 100% pure Black Angus beef. You definitely pay for the high quality you get at JDs Burgers.

JD’s Burgers is located at 17 Hamilton St, Mont Albert.