Melbourne's best clubs that also serve up great food

Unexpectedly out and about? Here's where to go. 

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I can see it already. You’ve just finished work and you’re dying for a knock-off. It’s spring at last, and for once you’re leaving work with part of the day yet-lived. You head straight out, for just one, maybe two? Then, before you know it, you’re shimmying on the dancefloor having the time of your bloody life. But hey, what ever happened to dinner? You’ve totally missed it. You’re now at the club with a tummy grumble louder than the bass. Ah, that’s right, you live in Melbourne you quickly remember, and whether you’re at a dingy pub or classy club, the chefs of our city never cease to cook you up something incredible. Here are some of Melbourne’s best restaurants, in some of Melbourne’s best clubs. 
Boney’s newest food offering has to be my first mention. Partly because I thoroughly enjoy dancing upstairs and only a few stairs down, there’s a chiller vibe of a different enjoyment altogether. Partly because their food is great quality, and partly because I genuinely like being in there. Plus, their new menu (prepared by their restaurant next door, Magic Mountain) doesn’t let down expectations. Using only organic produce, the menu takes a twist on Thai cuisine offering rarities like Red Curry Macaroni & Cheese, Egg & Bacon Sandwich and Crunchy Fried Chicken Ribs. Personally, I’m drawn to their Chilli Pork Ribs as I do believe Thai do pork exceptionally well. A side of Green Papaya Coleslaw is an essential refreshment to complement any Thai meal.
Moving down a few blocks you’ll find Cookie in the iconic Curtin House. I won’t go on too much about what a Curtin house experience entails (I’d be shocked if a Melburnian hadn’t experienced one already) but I will say if you haven’t stopped at Cookie on level two then you haven’t lived a whole one. The gorgeous restaurant, which looks over Swanston Street, boasts a tasteful menu with powerful flavours. It’s full of options and everything’s exceptional, although my go-to would be the Green Curry (I know it’s cliché but it’s the best I’ve had) that comes with Chicken and Corn Dumplings, the Banana Leaf Barramundi Fillets in Red Curry or the Pork Platter. Enjoy your meal on the balcony before you move on up to The Toff in Town, and you’re set for a ripper night.
Now just a river cross away (relax it’s not that far), you’ll find Colonel Tans AKA Revolver’s restaurant before it becomes Revolver – which is incredible and never ceases to surprise everyone. You might realise I’ve stuck to Thai restaurants throughout and that’s because I find it the perfect cuisine for a fun night out. There’s not much to be said about Revolver other than it’s ridiculously good. And the food? Ridiculously good also. My favourite dish is the Stir Fried Chinese Broccoli & Pork Belly, or the Corn, Pea and Egg Fried Rice. If you’re after a burger, the Five Spice Chicken is perfect.

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