Melbourne's best burgers

Have you ever heard of a Uruguayan sandwich?

Okay Beat readers, I’m tackling quite a large question this week and I’m pretty pleased to be writing about it. Reason being that my recommendations aren’t so conventional. ‘Where can I find Melbourne’s best burgers?’ is the question, and here’s what I have to say.
The Marquis of Lorne, in my opinion, serve up the tastiest pub menu in Melbourne. On Friday and Saturday nights, I can’t deny that they’re super busy. However, that’s all the reason to enjoy a quite night there during the week. For the first 30 or so times I dined there, I’d almost always order the rockling burger. It’s hands-down the finest fish burger in Melbourne. It’s a pretty simple affair – like most of life’s beauties – lightly fried rockling fish sits between a brioche bun with cos lettuce, fresh chilli, lemon and shallots. Served with the Marquis of Lorne’s famous fries, expect crunch, but with soft and fluffy elements too. I’ve never really been sure how they do it. Oh, and lathering their chilli sauce all over is a must. Have you ever heard of a Uruguayan sandwich? I didn’t think so. It’s made up of scotch-filled steak, mozzarella cheese, bacon, ham, egg, mayo, salad, dill pickles and olive mayo. Now you can’t tell me you’ve tried that before in Melbourne. And I promise once you do try it, you’ll drag you’re entire group here – band, friends or in my case, the entire Beat office. So, where can you find them? There’s really only one place in Melbourne, and you might have to chase them, as they’re on wheels. El Chivi is their name, and they’re the first and only Uruguayan steak sandwich ‘Chivito’ food van, representing an often-unknown part of South America. They offer a variety of Uruguayan sandwiches, like the El Presidente which uses roasted capsicums, and the El Vegan which works with Chimichurri, hummus and falafels. No matter what variety you choose, the flavours of Uruguay will definitely not go unnoticed. Follow their Facebook page to find where they’ll stop next.