Meatmother is a carnivore's paradise

If you’re a meat lover, you need to head to Meatmother.

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Hania Glapa

Entering the venue, you’re met with a portrait of three burgers stacked on top of each other, helping set the tone for your evening. The well-stocked bar boasts a variety of local and imported beers, while their specialty is their take on classic cocktails.
Heading upstairs, you find yourself in a loft-style dining area with a minimalist aesthetic. Giant repurposed industrial lights and makeshift chandeliers made from old cans hang above wooden slab tables, creating the feel of an old butcher shop.
Their tender brisket – a staple of American BBQ – melts in your mouth. The 12-hour smoked beef is coated in a seasoning that creeps up on you, letting you savour the smoky flavour of the meat before it settles in, adding a nice kick. For those looking for something a little tougher, the Burnt Ends are the way to go. These flavourful pieces are cut from the ends of smoked brisket, and are served diced, dripping in sauce with fried shallots on top.
If you’re after a more tender meat, they also serve a variety of pork dishes with sticky ribs peeling right off the bone in one simple motion. Coated in a smoky BBQ sauce that has a hidden spiciness, the flavour lingers as they go down smooth leaving you messy and wanting more.
The pulled pork with pineapple salsa is the standout on the menu, with the sweetness of the pineapple and the sauce working together to enhance the smoky flavour and rich texture of the tender meat without overpowering it. This sweet and succulent take on the classic dish is one of the tastiest interpretations you'll find.
With a lovely staff, extensive menu and unique fit-out, it’s no wonder Meatmother has become one of the go-to destinations for meat lovers in Melbourne.

117 Swan St, Richmond | meatmother.com.au