Madame Elbac : An Evening With Madame Elbac

Tell us about your show. What can I say? The audience will see things they won’t believe. I shall talk to the dead, but they won’t believe. I will tell fortunes that they won’t believe. I will sing songs, cast spells and most importantly, promote me – Madame Elbac.
What does your show teach the audience? That there is only one true and most famous psychic: Me.
Describe your show in three words. Amazing, amazing, amazing.
Does your show have any audience participation? Most certainly. Madame encourages participation. Madame loves participation. 
Who are you looking forward to seeing this year at the festival? I’m looking forward to seeing lots of famous dead people. I haven’t seen Judy for a while (Judy Garland of course –  but I’m hoping she’ll drop in).
Venue: Saint Martins Place
Dates: Thursday April 6 - Saturday April 8, Thursday April 20 – Saturday April 22
Duration: 60 minutes
Tickets: $28.30 – $33.30