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Wine lovers, take heed! Since its launch last November, Lupé wines have been shaking up the way we consume wine with their wonderful “class without glass” policy. Yes wine lovers, Lupé has heard your cries and felt your pain. No longer shall you be forced to suffer waterside events, outdoor festivals, or even the common-place picnic without your cherished chosen drop at your disposal.


Lupé is the brainchild of young entrepreneur Georgia Beattie. Hailing from a family of reputable wine makers, Beattie is certainly no stranger to the wine industry, having started her love affair with wine at young age by picking grapes for her dad when she was eight years-old. However, the idea for Lupé wines all started in 2009 when Georgia was told that it was too hard to serve wine after she had asked for a glass at a festival. It was then that Beattie experienced a brilliant "light-bulb" moment and made it her mission henceforth to find a way to package wine in a form that could be easily distributed and consumed outdoors.


Quite simply “Wine for one”, Lupé wines are prepackaged inside a tamper-evident seal within glasses made of fully recyclable material, allowing you to enjoy your drink as though you were sipping from an actual glass in the luxury of your own home - except a Lupé wine, thankfully, is completely shatter-proof.


Available in Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Rosé, or Shiraz, Lupé aims to offer consumers the varieties of wine that they love from regions they know. Lupé wines are available at selected independent liquor retailers throughout Victoria, and also … wait for it, wait for it... home delivery (no, we weren’t kidding about the brilliance of that “light-bulb" moment).