Los Hermanos

Tequila school sounds fun! Can you tell us more? It’s an educational session to explain to people that there’s more to tequila than a bottle with a red hat that gives you a hangover.Then there’s Mezcal and its 60+ different types of agave that, like wine, all have different flavour profiles.
Could you also tell us about your wonderful Mexican restaurant too? Los Hermanos is a cross between a Mexican cantina and Taqueria. Its food is vibrant and fresh. We stick to our core value that if you can’t buy it in Mexico you won’t find it here (Nachos and Burritos). 
Why is the production of Tequila known as an art form? Webber Agave takes a minimum eight years before it can be harvested to make Tequila. This sets it apart from any other spirit that is produced. Mexicans say the energy of nine years of sunrises and sunsets, rain, drought, and wind create a spirit that has an energy like no other.  
Why does tequila have such a bad reputation? Help us shift our perception please. In the ‘80s there was an agave shortage so to cut costs and keep up with demand, producers used processed sugar to bolster fermentation. This is known as a mixto (a mix of agave and sugar). The only tequila you should ever be drinking is 100% pure agave which is what most bar owners who care about their customer’s wellbeing the day after will serve.

Los Hermanos is located at 339 Victoria St, Brunswick.