The local burger joint using Australia's best produce

The marbled beef damn near melts in your mouth, the fries are crisp and tasty, and the fresh milkbuns are unbelievably soft.

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Ethical and sustainable aren’t exactly the words that come to mind when you think of a burger, however, Benny Burger is working hard to change all that. They boast the motto “the ethical burger”, utilising organic, sustainable, ethical, and most importantly delicious ingredients to create an exciting twist on the traditional burger.

Located on Little Collins Street (as well as a location in Swan Street) you can’t miss Benny Burger. With navy signage lit up in white neon, the restaurant really stands out in this part of the city. It’s simplistic in its look but still manages to have a flare that’s all it’s own. Floor to ceiling glass windows with shining steel and marble isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think “burger place”, however, it’s totally in line with their product – all class.

Marble slab tables sit outside the entrance, able to comfortably seat parties of six, with heaters overhead to warm eaters on cold winter nights. Inside a polished-wood bench runs along the window, lined with stools offering a place for the lone eater or smaller groups. They offer more of a relaxed dining experience, so booking a table isn’t a necessity. Tunes play in the background adding to the light atmosphere, consisting of funk and soul with a splash of modern pop, providing a great soundtrack while you eat and converse (there’s also no wifi, meaning you can leave your phone alone and enjoy your meal).

The open plan kitchen allows you to watch your meal being made fresh, and that’s the key word here. All of the ingredients used in Benny Burger are sourced from local, organic and sustainable farmers. Their buns are made fresh daily from Burnham Beaches bakery in the Dandenong Ranges. The beef is a 9+ marbled Wagyu from Blackmore, some of the best beef in Australia. The fish is line caught fresh from the waters of North Queensland and they use organic spuds from Gembrook. One of the only palm oil-free burger cheeses going around, Benny Burger’s cheese is made specially for them from Schultz Organic Dairy, too. It even won Best Australian Cheddar at the International Cheese Awards. Provenance is a priority at Benny Burger and you can truly taste the difference.

The fresh milkbuns are unbelievably soft (with gluten-free options available at no extra cost) and unlike other burgers you find nowadays, it’s not greasy and doesn’t fall apart as you eat it. The marbled beef damn near melts in your mouth, and it’s not crammed with spices or any additional flavours, as they’re confident enough with their product to let it sing for itself. The fries are crisp and tasty, made from only three ingredients; potato, oil and salt, however, it’s the simplicity of this that makes them delicious. Vegetarians and vegan options are also available with a beetroot and chickpea patty or a salad burger bowl option, eliminating the bun and adding a new spin on the traditional burger taste.

There’s a selection of wine and beer available, including their own Pale Ale, made specifically for Benny Burger by Coburg Brewery. You can also help yourself to a free mineral water or grab some sauce for dipping your chips, available in cardboard dipping bowls and glass or paper cups, further adding to the sustainability of the restaurant.

Benny Burger is a healthier, ethical spin on a true classic that is one of the most delicious burgers you’re likely to find in Melbourne.

The Benefits of a Benny Burger

Benny Burger was born out of a simple idea: to use the amazing produce that is available right at our doorstep in Australia, unlike so many other fast food restaurants in the country who lack fresh ingredients. Dismayed at seeing so many eateries disrespecting the provenance of local produce, the impact their practices have on the environment and the health of their customers, Shannon Bennett launched Benny Burger, the ethical burger.

Teaming up with Justin James, the executive chef at Vue de Monde, they set out to create a menu that focused on three key factors: being sustainable, ethical and of local origin.

“We have a mindset of what’s ethical and sustainable. What’s local and what we can get organic. All these words and titles, they mean something, but at the end of the day we want to find a product that tastes really great, that’s been treated with the best practice from start to finish and leaves the smallest footprint on the environment,” James says. “We love using products that are treated with the same idea we have of creating this really tasty burger and knowing where each and every one of them comes from”.

Benny Burger are making small changes to help sustainability, but it’s making a huge difference. Sourcing their ingredients from top-notch local farmers means fewer transportation fuels, and a smaller depletion of natural resources, resulting in a stronger ecological balance. They work hard to maintain the highest ethical standard in the production of their burgers, believing the best animal welfare and quality control standards results in a great taste. “If you have the best products, you’re already halfway there to making a great burger,” James explains.

“To stand out you have to do everything yourself,” he continues, and at Benny Burger they’re going above and beyond to create a better option. “At the end of the day, we’re not trying to claim burgers and fries are healthy for you, but if you have an option where you know your food has been ethically and sustainably sourced, using the best possible products, why would you go anywhere else?”

Find Benny Burger at 430 Little Collins Street, Melbourne & 95 Swan St, Richmond, & Uber Eats.