Lawrence Mooney : ...Like Literally

How has your approach to comedy changed compared to when you first started? I think I still try and amuse myself and make myself laugh.  I’ve always thought that was the best approach to comedy. Some nights you can really catch yourself by surprise and crack yourself up – they’re sweet moments.
What can we expect from your show this year? Like Literally is a ripping hour of stand-up that will slay them in the aisles and tear the roof off the venue. I’m going to rip the Athenaeum a new one. The language of comedy is so violent and that’s because it’s a blood sport.
What do you love about Australian comedy? Australian comedy really does reflect our spirit and that is our egalitarian irreverence for power, authority and pomposity. The really empowering thing is that the audience expect that and allow us to do it.  I love my audience for that privilege.
Who are you looking forward to seeing this MICF? Merrick Watts is back after a long absence and I’ve heard his show is a corker; I can’t wait. I’ll always see Fleety [Greg Fleet] because he’s the lord of the manor and I love Edo [Anne Edmonds], she speaks my mind.
What advice would you give to up-and-coming comedians? Ignore what other people are doing and stick with your thing. Be yourself.
Venue: Athenaeum Theatre Two
Dates: Thursday March 30 - Sunday April 23 (bar Mondays)
Duration: 60 minutes
Tickets: $30 - $39