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The John Steel Singers Live At The East Brunswick Club

If there is a better cure from yet another rainy, wasted Saturday with bad election results coming in than The John Steel Singers, I can’t think of it. They are a ray of sunshine straight from the sunshine state, in town to launch their equally sunny album Tangalooma.
Shambling on stage after strong support from Love Connection and Deep Sea Arcade, the six guys are an oddly matched looking band, with members’ appearances ranging from reminiscent of Rivers Como to quite possibly ‘Weird’ Al Yankovic. They open with the first track off the album, Your Favourite Prevision, a bouncy sing-a-long ba-ba-baa affair that sets the fun, summer tone for the rest off the night.
They’re also, interestingly enough, a band that are clearly too happy to hail from our fair state of Victoria as they actually – wait for it – smile on stage… and their songs reflect that self-same happy-go-lucky life attitude. It’s clear they’re still having a ball playing in a band – any band, you get the feeling – and you can that hear their joy in their songwriting. The fun part is that The ohn Steel Singers are still at the stage where they haven’t finally decided what they want to sound like, so are still trying it all out, which makes for an interesting mix across most of their tunes.
From the Brit-pop inspired Overpass to the layered harmonies, road-trip anthem, handclaps of Strawberry Wine, the set goes from strength to strength. Watching The John Steel Singers makes you want to dance and smile; it is as simple as that. Next time they’re passing through town, you’d be well served giving them a crack.