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James Zabiela Tour

James Zabiela's last sighting in Melbourne wasn't too long ago - and let me tell you, it was one fierce gig.

 \Packing out Brown Alley wall-to-wall, his signature mashup of everything from breakbeats, house, drum and bass, techno, and everything in between. The key to Zabiela's appeal is in his eclectic, anything-goes take on both DJing and production - taking tracks and layering and warping them in completely new and novel ways with the help of two Pioneer CDJ-2000s, a Pioneer EFX-1000, Korg Kaossilator, MIDI controller and a laptop, Zabiela's shows are always a surprise. Quickly picked up by Sasha's Excession agency at the beginning of his career, the past few years have seen him release mixes for Renaissance and drop remixes for everyone from Royksopp, Ladytron and Spooky. Badass. This time, James Zabiela will be hitting Melbourne with friends Alex Niggemann whose tracks have been released through influential labels such as Soulfooled, Tsuba, and Poker Flat (the latter on which his debut album is set to be released in a few months), as well as Hotflush signee George Fitzgerald. 

James Zabiela and friends hit Billboard on Friday May 4.