Jalisco Mexican

Whether you’re having drinks with friends or looking for a hearty meal, start your evening right at Jalisco Mexican. Chapel Street’s newest kid on the block, it flaunts an authentic Mexican dining experience and an even more authentic love for tequila.

Upon stepping into Jalisco, you are instantly given a taste of Mexico even before you order from the menu. Bright, Aztec-inspired colours and neon signs glisten against the restaurant’s traditionally styled bar, which showcases over 100 different types of tequila. The venue is named after the state in Mexico where the infamous tequila is manufactured. Sure enough, every drink that you sip on at Jalisco is made from produce imported directly from its origin.
While most of us would associate tequila with the faint memories of a messy night, any of the experienced and passionate staff members at Jalisco will tell you tequila is traditionally enjoyed straight, and on ice, much like Cointreau.
It seems essential to have a classic margarita in your hand while you’re dining. Or, if you’re daring, a 'Jalisco Spice Margarita', that offers a punch of fresh chili. Its sweet and sour fusion will have the hearts of spice lovers racing.
Pair your liquor of choice with a couple of Jalisco’s street tacos. With a combination of meat, seafood and vegetarian options to choose from, it's a perfectly sized portion of Mexico-meets-Melbourne in one plate. The chorizo, feta, rocket and black bean taco was our personal favourite for its vibrant presentation and a fresh taste that is sure not to disappoint. If you’re feeling up for more of a feast, the quesadilla range, served with a fresh house-made salsa, is a crowd hit.
Jalisco offers an upstairs private room perfect for a function if you want all of your amigos to enjoy the experience of Mexican cuisine. Or, if you just feel like enjoying a taco from the comfort of your own couch, Jalisco offers free food and alcohol delivery. The verdict? Absolutely bueno.
Words and Image by Julia Sansone 

FInd Jalisco at 69 Chapel Street, Windsor.