The host of 'If You Are the One' is opening a noodle shop in Melbourne

In what could be the greatest news ever for Aussie fans of the Chinese dating show, host Meng Fei is opening noodle shop - the aptly titled Mr Meng - on Elizabeth Street next week. 

For those who haven't yet discovered the joy that is If You Are the One, Meng is the ultimate host whose classic insults to contestants looking for love are as brutal as they are relevant.
Some of Meng's greatest hits include: "He looks like a cartoon character", "The girls are more interested in dogs than you", and the classic, "Can we ask him simple questions? His IQ is low".
Alongside popular Chinese actor and comedian Guo Degang, Meng is opening Mr Meng for no clear reason but we're sure the restaurant will be a hit.

Mr Meng opens on Monday May 22. Catch If You Are the One on SBS Viceland.