Hangover-free alcohol could be here as soon as 2020

As you drag yourself into work on this hazy Monday morning, know there are scientists working hard to make your life that little bit easier.

London college professor David Nutt and his team have been working on hangover-free alcohol for the last ten years.
The team of scientists have tested over 80 different substances that mimic the effects of alcohol, without posing the same health risk.
After a decade, they’ve developed a drink called ‘Alcosynth’, which Nutt claims will have the same effects of alcohol, minus the hangover.
It’s still in the testing stages, with Nutt requiring a mere $11 million in funding to get the product through its last round of safety tests.
Alcosynth reportedly allows you to drink all night without regretting it the next day because it doesn’t cause a build-up of acetaldehyde, the compound that wreaks havoc on your system after a big night out.
According to The Times, if funding is reached, Nutt plans to be able to sell the product to bars and other establishments by 2020.
Here’s hoping.
Tara Smith via FJ