A grilled cheese festival is headed to Melbourne

The festival will host a special grilled cheese cook-off. 

Prahran Market will host Melbourne's first Grilled Cheese Invitational at its upcoming Say Cheese Festival, in which local chefs will compete in a cook-off to determine who can whip up the best cheese toastie. 

Prior to the event, the competing chefs will receive $100 to buy their ingredients from Prahran Market before putting their skills to test in front of a live audience. The toasties will then be judged on their name, creativity and sensory elements by a panel of judges including chef Adam D'Sylva, Maker & Monger's Anthony Femia, Dan Stock of Herald Sun and Better Homes & Gardens' Karen Martini. Lucky audience members will also have the chance to taste test the contestants' creations. 

Behind the grill, you'll find Christy Tania (Glacé), David Moyle (Longsong), Kay-Lene Tan (Tonka), Michael Greenlaw (The Westin) and Victor Liong (Lee Ho Fook) plus one wildcard entry. The winning toastie will be served at Maker & Monger for a week following the cook-off, so you'll have ample time to taste the ultimate cheese toastie (and get some inspiration for your own cheesy creations). 

Say Cheese Festival is happening at Prahran Market on Sunday October 28. The Grilled Cheese Invitational will take place from 2:30pm in the Neil Perry by Omega Kitchen.