Grill'd is giving out free burgers for charity

Join the fight against child violence.

Teaming up with not-for-profit organisation YGAP, Grill'd are pledging their support for Polished Man – an initiative to fight child violence.
Violence against children is still rife in this day in age but there's light at the end of the tunnel and you can be part of the movement through a simple donation.
Raise $30 for Polished Man and not only will you receive free burgers for a week from Wednesday October 4 until Tuesday October 10 but you'll become a crucial voice for the one in five children who experience violence before they turn 18.
Last year, the Polished Man initiative raised $1 million with the help of over 62,000 polished men. In 2017, they're hoping to triple that with a $3 million target behind 100,000 participants.
Polished Man is not a way of pointing the finger at the perpetrators, it's about empowerment and asking men (who make up 88 per cent of sexual violence culprits) to come together and lead by example. Children are our most vulnerable community and form the basis for growth moving forward, let's do the right thing.
On top of that, Vance Joy has just been locked in as the ambassador of this year's campaign. On October 1, the famed songwriter will be joined by the likes of Client Liason, Andy Murphy and Tommy Little in painting one fingernail blue to represent the one child that dies every five minutes from violence.

To get involved in the fight against child violence, head to the Polished Man website.