This Greek food truck is the answer to your late-night munchies

Located right in the Fitzroy hood.

What do you crave after a night on the town? For many it’s a cheesy slice, for others it’s a Happy Meal – some even opt for an entire meal of smoked delights with mounds of BBQ sauce. Yet for plenty, a souvlaki hits the spot best. Although let’s be real, it’s 2019 readers, and we’re not getting any younger. Our drinking habits aren’t slowing down as much as we’d hoped, and waking up stress-free is becoming an increasingly rare occurrence. Things need to change somewhere, so let’s raise our late night eating habits shall we? Introducing AP’ OLA GR Greek Food Truck, parked outside of the Tankerville Hotel on Nicholson Street, Fitzroy. They’re the only late night eats I will be involving myself in this year, and here are all of the reasons why.
Let’s start with the fact they are family owned, which is becoming harder to find these days amongst the clutter of chains. You’ll often catch the duo speaking Greek, their heritage language, waiting patiently to cook you their lovingly prepared, boldly flavoured, good-for-the-soul treats. 
Have you heard of a Greek-style burger? I didn’t think so, and I’m very pleased to be the one to share it with you. It offers beef meatballs (soutzoukakia) with tomatoes, onions, tzatziki dip and chips, sandwiched between bread. If you’d like this in a souvlaki wrap, sure, they’d be happy to serve you what you please. Enjoy spice? Order it hot, and you’ll receive a smothering of hot tomato sauce on top.
The pork souvlaki is a classic, featuring juicy and flavourful grilled pork skewers. It’s paired with tomatoes, onion, tzatziki dip and chips, then wrapped in pita bread (or fresh bread if you prefer). You can also try the pancetta flat pork meat variety for something different, also just as tasty.
If you happen to stumble past, hanging off your friends while you’ve all got the munchies, order a grilled plate to share. The heaving selection of grilled meats, skewers, chips, dips and salads will keep you giggling all night long, and into the next morning.
AP’ OLA GR is my only late night eatery choice, and I commend them for their excellence. They offer a welcoming space, quality produce and astonishing flavours wrapped in traditional family recipes that, when shared with Melbourne, act as if we were also part of their family.