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Good Works

The Punters Club Reunion – which included sets by Frente!, Hollowmen, Little Ugly Girls, Glory Box, Guttersnipes, Tirany and Spencer Jones And The Last Gasp – raised $23,000. It will be divided between The Dean Turner Trust, The Leukemia Foundation and The Linda Gebar Daughters Trust. (Well played all –Beat)
The Tote in Collingwood raised over $1,000 for Oxfam for Pakistani flood victims. Playing were The Currency, Murder Rats, Odiusembowel, Slocombe's Pussy, Thomy And The Tanks, Team Rad and Dispersing Cloud. (Another ‘well played all’ –Beat)
Melbourne’s The Yellow Stallions played for 24 hours non-stop at Federation Square to raise $5,621.80 for cancer research. They did 192 songs in the open air, pelted by wind and rain. Singer Luke Shavak said, “I had no idea it was possible to fall asleep while singing, but apparently it is.” Shavak estimates they played to 10,000 passers-by, some of whom donated $50 and $100. The gig was inspired by his close friend Amanda Ghirardello, who at 25, beat breast cancer after 18 months. All proceeds go to the Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF) for its innovative research into cancer cures. In March, in a quest to make $1 million for the ACRF, Shavak, Ghirardello and nine others are trekking into Mt. Everest base camp before climbing to over 20,000 feet above sea level. It is part of the Remission Possible project, created by Ghirardello. (again, well played all – Beat)
For more information head to remissionpossible.com.au